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After several years working in the private sector as an Accounting and Human Resources professional, owner Lynne J. Borrie decided to put her skills to work for the small business owner. Lynne has been an accounting and human resource professional since 1999, starting in the manufacturing industry.


Over the years Lynne has expanded her knowledge base to include businesses of all types such as electrical contractors, landscapers, consulting and CPA firms. Lynne also continues to assist a number of individuals with their personal finances including budgeting, organizing, and income taxes.


Lynne truly enjoys working with business owners to create sound accounting strategies and teach them the skills to most effectively manage their business' books. Lynne has studied Management Accounting and Marketing at Santiago Canyon College.


In her free time, Lynne loves spending time with her niece & her niece's dog Duke, going to comedy shows with her husband, and is an avid mystery/biography reader. 


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I specialize in all things QuickBooks® and focus on providing simple solutions for business owners of all sizes. From QuickBooks® cleanup to lightning-quick responses to QuickBooks® how-to or technical issues, AccountOC.com is there for the solopreneur or the mid-sized company and anyone in-between.

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Mon - Fri: 9 am - 7pm
​​Saturday: 11 am - 7pm


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